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Frequently Asked Questions

At Glendale Community College, we are committed to providing outstanding academic programs and student services to help our students reach their educational goals. A major aspect of GCC’s efforts to promote student success is our extensive scholarship program, the largest of any community college in California. Whether you are an incoming, continuing, or transferring student, we may have a scholarship just for you. Read on to learn more, and you may be the recipient of one of the hundreds of scholarships awarded to Glendale Community College students every year.

What’s Available?

GCC gives over 500 scholarships with awards totaling more than $300,000 to our students each year. Individual scholarships may be worth up to several thousand dollars each, and the funds are typically used for class registration fees, books, and other educational expenses at GCC and transfer institutions. 

Glendale Community College offers a wide variety of scholarships for a diverse range of students.

See list and description of all scholarships offered at GCC.

Who Can Apply?

GCC scholarships fall into two main categories designed to meet the needs of students at different educational stages:

  • current GCC students who have completed at least 12 units of credit with a grade point average of 2.5 or higher are eligible for scholarships designated for continuing students
  • transferring students may receive scholarships from GCC designed to help them 
    transition to four-year colleges and universities

How are scholarships awarded?

The GCC Scholarship Committee, academic departments, or scholarship sponsors make selections based on academic achievement, financial need, major field of study, community service, campus leadership or other criteria established by the scholarship sponsors.

How do I apply?

Sign up for an account using your student GCC email and password at 

Then, log into your student GCC email, where you will receive a confirmation link.     

Click on the link to open access to your application.

Complete the general application and any supplemental questions, if needed. 

When you have finished you may go back and edit your application before the deadline. 

If you are awarded a scholarship you will receive an email to your student GCC email by the end of June of each year. 

When is the scholarship deadline?

The deadline to submit/edit your scholarship application for Fall 2020 - October 23rd and Spring 2021 - March 22nd. 

How long is my application valid?                                     

Once you apply in the fall, your application is valid until the end of the Spring semester. In order to apply for the next school year, you must fill out another application after July 1st of each year.

How can I get more information?

  • Email the Scholarship Office:
  • Visit the Scholarship office located at SC 201 above the bookstore.