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Application Tips

1.Meet Application Deadline - Make sure to stay up to date on the application deadline. A helpful tip would be to use a reminder app. If you miss the deadline by even a day, your application may not be considered. 

2.Take time writing your personal statement - The personal statement is the one place that potential donors and committees can get to know more about you. Therefore, putting in the time to perfect your personal statement can be very helpful. 

3.Complete full application and submit - Some students have a habit of saving their application as a draft and not submitting it, even though it may be complete. Make sure to answer all required questions and look over it twice before hitting submit. 

4.Frequently check your student email - Your student email is the best way for us to communicate with you regarding updates on your award. Therefore, frequently checking your student email ensures that you don't miss a deadline or miss out on a potential award. 

5.Don't be discouraged - If you do not receive a scholarship, please do not be discouraged. Apply again the following year and seek help to see if there is anything you can do to improve your application!