A & R Guide

The telephone extension of each service is listed. THE COLLEGE TELEPHONE NUMBER IS  (818) 240-1000 . Dial the extension of the office you wish to reach, or ask the operator.


Admissions and Records Office Ext. 5910

The Admissions and Records office has many functions. It is responsible for applications for admissions, permanent academic records, grade reports, transcript evaluations, Breadth and IGETC certifications, student academic petitions and registration.

Academic Renewal

Process by which a student may petition GCC to eliminate previous substandard work from grade point calculation and credit. For details on how a student may qualify, refer to the GCC Catalog.

Adding a Class

To add an open class, log into MyGCC. If the class is closed, you must attend the first class meeting to obtain a "permission number" from the instructor to add the class. Once you have the permission number, log into MyGCC and add the class. Admissions and Records: Ext. 5910

Adult Re-entry Center: Ext. 5446

The Adult Re-entry Center services are designed to meet the needs of a new or returning adult student. Information is available regarding registration, child care, special classes, tutorial assistance and financial resources.

Advanced Placement Credit

Credit for Advanced Placement exams varies from college to college. Although GCC will award credit for Advanced Placement scores of 3 or higher towards an AA/AS degree and scores of 4 or higher for certification on the Breadth and IGETC, the policy may be different at the college to which the student intends to transfer. All students must consult with a counselor prior to GCC awarding Advanced Placement credit.

Articulated Classes

Those GCC courses which are parallel to, or essentially the same as, those of another institution. Check the College Catalog to see which classes are articulated with CSU, UC and some private institutions.

Assessment Center: Ext. 5329

To assist students in selecting appropriate courses to meet a student's academic goal, the college requires an assessment of a student's skills. These tests, which include mathematics, grammar and reading are used with other information, such as high school and previous college transcripts, to determine eligibility for specific courses.

Associate in Arts/Science Degree (A.A./A.S.)
Associate in Arts-Transfer/Science-Transfer (AA-T/AS-T)

The graduation degrees issued by GCC for completing a minimum of 60 semester units with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0. The requirements include general education and a major field of study or a certificate of completion.

Associated Students of Glendale Community College (ASGCC)

The ASGCC is the official student governing body that determines budgetary expenditures, establishes and reviews policies and coordinates programs and services that benefit students. The fee is $10 a semester and enables students to participate in activities, programs and services financed by the ASGCC.


Glendale Community College is a member of the Western State Conference, and offers a comprehensive and competitive intercollegiate athletic program for men and women. GCC men's teams are represented by baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, soccer, tennis and track and field. GCC women's teams are represented by basketball, cross-country, softball, soccer, volleyball, tennis and track and field.

Attendance and Drop Policy

Students are expected to attend all class meetings. It is the student's responsibility to know the attendance and absence policy of his/her instructors. An instructor may drop a student from a course for absences and/or irregular attendance, or for failure to attend all meetings in the first week of instruction. It is the student's responsibility to officially drop a course within established deadlines. Failure to officially drop a course may result in a failing grade.