Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do I have to repeat a class in which I received a D or F grade?

  • Fees and Processing Times

  • How do I calculate my Grade Point Average?

  • How do I drop a class?

  • How do I enroll and register for classes?

  • How do I find out about the Attendance and Drop Policy of my classes?

  • How do I get a transcript & what makes it official?

  • How do I keep track of the different deadlines?

  • How many units must I take to be considered a full-time student?

  • How may I contribute to the College and be part of student activities?

  • How much are the registration fees?

  • I don't know what I want to major in. Who can help me?

  • Important information to know before requesting your official transcript

  • What are Pass/No Pass Courses?

  • What do I do when the class I want to take is closed?

  • What does it mean to be a student "in good standing"?

  • What is the maximum number of units I can take?