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Grade Appeals

This procedure provides a means of resolving a student’s dispute of an academic decision or the assigned final grade for a course. A student has the right initially to an informal review and  explanation of his or her grade by the instructor who in turn is obligated to provide such a review. However, a student may only appeal a grade or academic decision if he or she is prepared to carry the burden of proving one or more of the following conditions as specified by law: a mistake in the assignment of the grade or in the process of its recording, fraud, bad faith, or incompetence.

A student shall initiate the process by filing a grade appeal with the instructor within the next regular semester following the award of the original grade. The student is expected to make a reasonable effort to resolve the matter on an informal basis with the instructor. If the student and instructor cannot settle the grade appeal, the student may request a meeting with the appropriate division chairperson. The division chairperson will then meet with the student and the instructor either jointly or separately to attempt to work out the grievance.