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David John Attyah
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The Gallery is closed for installation through December 5th. 

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The Art Gallery @ GCC is proud to present our Fall exhibition, now through November 18th.

Join us for a reception and gallery walkthrough with the artists on Thursday, October 12th.
reception at  6:00 pm
gallery talk at 7:30 pm


Tim Musso/Christine Nguyen
October 3rd - November 18th
reception: Thursday, October 12th
gallery opens 6 pm
talk at 7:30 pm

This fall, The Art Gallery at GCC features artist projects drawn from science. In our October/November exhibition, entitled Atavisms/Crystallized, artists Tim Musso and Christine Nguyen use the dynamism and complexity of the natural world to inspire their artistic processes.

Tim Musso presents six monumental woodcuts that explore the forest as intricate organic matrix. Musso first visits remote environments to study otherwise unseen landscape, then develops complex drawings that combine flora, fauna and the elements. Transferring the images to oversized wood blocks, Musso hand cuts the drawings - a process that takes months - then inks and rubs the prints on Japanese mulberry paper. His images feature the sensation of nature folding and unfurling, morphing and expanding, sometimes resembling but always exceeding human anatomy. The resulting artworks are intended to produce a sense of awe and interconnectedness as it appears in the natural world.

From the artist:  “The physical world is an astonishing place and when experienced by traveling on foot, can free us from the constrained view of the technological world. The simple and ancient activity of walking slows time and provides focus in the present moment and place. The act of seeing, sensing and being is profoundly intense. The result of these adventures are artworks that make visible the intricate relationships of insects/animals/plants/geology so often overlooked in the fast paced times in which we live.”

Christine Nguyen’s ceramic sculpture also explores the natural sublime.  Nguyen’s hand-molded forms operate on multiple levels -  as tiny cellular creatures, ocean organisms, small geological formations and cosmic constellations. The artist begins by working in clay, then submerges her small sculptures in saline solution and allows them to dry to a thin patina of crystalline salt.  The forms are assembled, appearing as as a rock collection, a natural museum exhibition, or astronomical map.  Like Musso, Nguyen investigates the inherent art in science, linking the cellular and celestial.

From the artist: “My work draws upon the imagery of nature, the sciences, and the cosmos, but attempts to break free from a  conventional reading of these realms. It imagines that the depths of the ocean reach into outer space, that through an organic prism, vision can fluctuate between the micro- and macro- scopic. My practice is devoted to the natural world and its curiosities. It has been my inspiration and a place that I find meditative and complex but also mysterious. I’ve been drawn to 19th century Naturalists like Ernst Haeckel: biologist, philosopher, physician and artist; John Muir: writer, conservationist and advocate of the preservation of the wilderness and Anna Atkins: botanist and photographer.”

David John Attyah
Gallery Director
The Art Gallery @ GCC




Michael Carter is a contemporary artist who uses the rules of physics to produce complex images.In his series“Pendulum Paintings” he uses a simple pendulum to produce detailed artworks that refer to science, cosmology and the deep structure of reality. On Monday, December 4th, Carter will produce a 15 x 15 sq ft painting off of the footbridge near the Planetarium at Glendale Community College.Please join us for this art happening and unveiling of Carter’s work.

Above: Carter's "test run" on Friday, November 17th.