School Visits

Glendale Community College invites you to bring your class (K-12) to see a full dome planetarium show through our Science Center Outreach Program. This unique opportunity exposes your students to a fantastic science lesson while giving them first hand experience on a college campus.

The planetarium show is flexible and geared specifically to those classes that are learning about the solar system and space, primarily 3rd and 5th grade classes as well as middle and high school students. The presentations are age appropriate and can include an emphasis on the planets, solar system, constellations or other topic related to astronomy, as requested by you. For younger students, the college has purchased several full dome videos courtesy of the Sexton Foundation that are specifically designed to keep their interest.

Planetarium shows are presented by Glendale Community College instructors/presenters with outstanding education and knowledge in astronomy and other physical science disciplines.

The planetarium seats 48 individuals and the shows typically last 55 minutes. If the group is larger than 48, we can schedule two consecutive shows and plan an additional classroom activity for the students.

There is no charge for these shows and activities as the funds have been contributed from a variety of private and governmental sources including the U.S. Department of Education, NASA, Glendale College Foundation, Sexton Foundation, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, The Norris Foundation, PPG Industries & PPG Industries Foundation and Sidney Stern Memorial Trust.

To arrange a planetarium visit for your class, please access the Science Center Outreach pages  HERE