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Campus Vendors
Emergency Book Loans
Event/Activities Requests
Student Judicial Affairs
Clubs Benefits

Campus Vendors

Vendors and solicitors can reserve booth space in Plaza Vaquero by calling the Office of Student Affairs. Since Plaza Vaquero is used for many different campus activities and programs, vendor booths are available on a limited basis. The daily rental fee for campus vendors is $100. These funds are used to support various college clubs, campus activities, and scholarships.

Emergency Book Loans

Scholarship sponsors and the ASGCC donate funds to pay to support grants and short-term loans for students who need emergency assistance to pay for textbooks, school supplies and other educational expenses.

Event/Activities Requests

The Office of Student Affairs approves all activities sponsored by student organizations, coordinates the activities calendar for Plaza Vaquero, and schedules events for the SC212 Conference Center.

Download Campus Activity Form. (This is word document with editable fields. You may type directly on it.)

Student Judicial Affairs

The Dean of Student Affairs serves as the college's judicial affairs officer and is responsible for administering the GCC Standards of Student Conduct, assisting faculty and staff with disruptive student issues, advising faculty and students on student grievance produces, and coordinating disciplinary hearings with the Campus Judicial Board.

Administrative Regulations

  • Student Grievances, Student Grade Appeals and Campus Judicial Board (5101)
  • Standards of Student Conduct, Procedural Guidelines and Disciplinary Action (5420)
  • Freedom of Speech: Time, Place and Manner (5410)
  • Policy on Academic Honesty

Club Benefits

Each year 40-50 students clubs give students opportunities to explore special interests and serve the campus community. Students may choose from an array of clubs typically organized around the four themes: academic achievement, cultural, religious, and special interests. Each organization has a faculty or staff advisor who provides guidance during meetings and supervises club activities. We provide clubs with a variety of services including:

  • Club Office Space
  • Mailboxes
  • Club Workroom
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Amenities
  • Funding for Club Activities