ESL Lab Services 

  • Computerized self-paced programs for improving grammar, writing, reading, listening, speaking skills such as Rosetta Stone and Longman Interactive
  • Computerized dictionaries
  • Videos & DVDs
  • Internet access
  • Access to black & white or color pay printers
    We offer audio CD copying services for students when allowed by the publisher.

ESL Resources by Class

Specific activities for each ESL class

ESL Textbooks with Audio

Audio CDs or DVDs to accompany listening/speaking textbooks

AZAR Grammar Series

Beginning English Grammar 4th ed. Answer Key

Fundamentals of English Grammar 4th ed. Answer Key

Understanding & Using English Grammar 5th ed. Answer Key

ESL Links

Helpful links for all basic ESL skills

Interactions-Mosaic lessons

Reading Cafe

The ESL Reading Cafe offers a variety of graded reading materials for ESL students designed for their level and accompanied by audio.

Mango Language Site

Online language learning system teaching practical conversation skills for real communication. Includes over 60 languages.

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Duolingo Website:

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