Computer Labs Rules and Regulations


  • Laboratory Technician are employed to handle equipment, network, and operating system problems.
  • The Lab Tech's responsibilities DO NOT include helping students with software tutoring or instructional problems.
  • Students having difficulty with any course work should see their instructors and/or arrange for help through the Tutorial Center located in the Administration Building, Room #232, ext. 5333.
  • TA Instructors and some student workers are employed to help guide students to solve their problem(s). Check the posted schedule to see when help is available in the Labs

Computer Lab Access

  • The computer labs are opened to GCC students currently enrolled in classes that require computer support, as well as current students utilizing computer skills learned in previous GCC computer classes.
  • Students entering the open lab area are required to present a photo identification card (i.e., a Student I.D. card). Friends, relatives, private tutors, or children are not permitted in the computer labs. A student must also give the 4-digit ticket number of the class requiring computer lab support.
  • By signing-into the San Rafael or San Gabriel labs, the student affirms that he/she has read and understands this policy, which is also posted in the area where students enter the labs. 

Usage of Sofware & Hardware

  • All students must restrict their use to the system and software taught in Glendale Community College classes. An availability list of the authorized software installed on the computers is posted at the Lab Office.
  • A student's personal software, with the exception of data disks, is not permitted in the labs unless it is a course requirement. Installing any software applications or intentionally altering any of the installed applications' appearance or functionality is not allowed.

General Conduct

  • All students are to work quietly on their own assignments. Collaborative work is only permitted by prior arrangement between the Instructor and the Director and only between the specific arranged hours.
  • Students cannot reserve terminals and computers in the labs. The labs operate on a first-come, first-served basis. However, when there are more users than computers or terminals available, a one- (1) hour limit may be imposed by the lab staff.
  • Food and/or beverages, including water, are NOT permitted in the computer labs or classrooms. Please dispose of these before entering the open lab or any computer classroom.

        Cause for Ejection and Denial of Access to the Computer Labs

  • If students do not exit the labs at the scheduled closing time or when directed, a staff member has the authority to shutdown or turn off all equipment, even if currently in use. The student assumes full responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from this action.
  • The computer lab is a quiet public area for enrolled students. Any disruption or lewd display to other students can be cause for the lab staff to eject the offender from the lab. Any student identified as being the cause of any damages to the hardware or software will also be denied access to the lab. The student will be responsible for payment of any damages.