GCC responds to the Coronavirus Outbreak. GCC has moved to remote online instruction.

Rules and Regulations

Learning Commons Access

By entering the Sierra Vista/Learning Commons, students agree to and are expected to follow the set rules of the Sierra Vista Learning Commons.

General Conduct

  • Quiet area (SV133) is intended for individual work only. Students are expected to work quietly. Conversations are not appropriate (including whispering). Collaborative work is permitted in the Learning Commons’ study rooms by prior reservations and in the common area (SV132).
  • Academic appropriate and respectful behavior is expected from every person in the Learning Commons.
  • Students cannot reserve desktop computers in the Commons. The Commons operates on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Covered beverages are allowed in the Learning Commons. Meals/snacks (without strong odor) are also allowed in the Learning Commons.
  • Please clean after yourselves. We appreciate keeping our areas clean and functional.

Cause for Removal and/or Denial of Access to the Learning Commons

  • If students do not exit the Commons at the scheduled closing time or when directed, a staff member has the authority to shutdown or turn off all equipment, even if currently in use. The student assumes full responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from this action.
  • The Learning Commons is an area for the entire campus. Any disruption or lewd display to other students can be cause for the staff to remove the offender from the Commons. Any student identified as being the cause of any damages to the hardware or software will also be denied access to the Commons. The student will be responsible for payment of any damages.