GCC AB 540 Committee

The goal of the Glendale Community College AB 540 Committee is to make the dream of higher education possible for undocumented California resident students.

To achieve this goal, the committee actively participates in numerous activities on and off campus.

Some of the activities include:

  • Regular meetings during the semester;
  • Fundraising for the GCC Community Service Scholarship;
  • Planning events and activities on campus;
  • Providing training for faculty and staff on AB 540;
  • Responding to questions about AB 540 for staff, students, and community members; and
  • Organizing outreach efforts to schools and community organizations.

For questions about the committee or to learn how to participate in the activities, please contact Greg Perkins at gperkins@glendale.edu

If you would like to offer a training session for your school or organization, please email Hoover Zariani at hzariani@glendale.edu

Elodia Collins
Academic Counseling/Garfield
Email: elodiac@glendale.edu
Ext: 5803

Richard Cortes
Academic Counseling
Email: rcortes@glendale.edu
Ext: 5445

Sarkis Ghazarian
Academic Counseling
Email: sarkis@glendale.edu
Ext: 5418

Armineh Gourgian
Student Outreach Services & Financial Aid
Email: arminehg@glendale.edu
Ext: 5384

Lin Griffith
ESL Instruction
Email: griffith@glendale.edu
Ext: 5503

Kevin Meza
Counseling/Transfer Center
Email: kmeza@glendale.edu
Ext: 5820

Greg Perkins
Email: gperkins@glendale.edu
Ext: 5571

Piper Rooney
English Instruction
Email: piper@glendale.edu

Ramona Barrio-Satillo
Email: rbarrio@glendale.edu
Ext: 5565

Jeanette Stirdivant
Academic Counseling
Email: jeanette@glendale.edu
Ext: 5424

Andra Verstraete
Student Employment Services
Email: andrav@glendale.edu
Ext: 5405

Hoover Zariani
Center for Student Involvement
Email: hzariani@glendale.edu
Ext: 5789