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Services for High School Counselors and staff

Often, there is much confusion about the actual AB 540 regulations and their implications for these students.

To help with demystifying the higher education obstacles for students, parents, and middle and high school counselors and staff, GCC can tailor a special presentation for each group.

For parents, the presentation focuses on how students can apply, what they need in order to qualify for AB 540 status as a college student, as well as confidentiality issues and concerns.

For middle and high school staff, counselors, and teachers, the presentation focuses on the specific law and regulations for AB 540 students, who qualifies, and who does not, and how to assist those students who may not be knowledgeable about the opportunities open to them.

Also for middle and high schools, arrangements can be made to provide one-on-one peer advising for AB 540 students on an individual appointment basis.

For more information about the types of presentations possible, please contact Hoover Zariani at 818.240.1000, extension 5789 or by email at