Why See A Counselor

Our academic counselors are ready to assist you in your pursuit of higher education. In our unit, you can schedule a 30 minute sit-down appointment or you can ask quick questions at one of the drop-in counseling booths.

We can organize your student educational plans, conduct financial aid appeals, discuss career and transfer options, confirm completion of associate or certificate programs, suggest coursework for a specific semester, review assessment test results, clear prerequisites, interpret transcript evaluation results, and explore other personal concerns that may interfere with your success.

As a unit, we also offer various self-help workshops and student development classes, such as Undecided Major Workshops, Probation Workshops, and Academic Advising sessions. Our Student Development classes range from improving study skills and note taking, career planning, and overall college success. For a complete list, check out the Student Development Classes tab.

We also sign various forms such as graduation petitions, Pass/No Pass authorizations, unit overload requests, transcript evaluation requests, academic renewal forms, confirmation of goals for financial aid, and many other documents.

We welcome you to utilize our services and quick links! We are here to help you succeed!

Academic Counseling Unit