Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to GCC? Student apply to Glendale Community College online.

How many times can I repeat a course?
In the past, students have elected to repeat courses for different reasons including alleviating a substandard grade (F, D,NC, NP) or non-evaluative symbol (W), to improve skills or to comply with an employer’s requirements. However, due to changes in regulations (Title 5 and CCCCO), a student’s ability to repeat a course is now more limited.

Under the new regulations, students will be limited to three “takes” of a course to alleviate a substandard grade. Previous enrollments will count toward the total three allowable takes per course. All substandard grades and withdrawals shall count toward the three enrollments. 

How can I get an incomplete in a class?
An incomplete grade may only be given when an unforeseen emergency prevents a student from completing work in a course. The incomplete grade must be removed by the end of the 12th week in the semester following the term in which the incomplete was assigned, regardless of whether or not the student is registered for classes at the college. The nature of the unforeseen emergency and the conditions for removal of the “I’’ shall be stated by the instructor in an on-line contract. The contract shall include the grade to be assigned if the course work is not completed. The instructor will generate this contract when final grades are entered on-line. Once the work stipulated has been completed and evaluated, or the time limit for completing the work has passed, a final grade will be assigned.

What is term dismissal If you have further questions please see the Financial Aid office.

What is academic renewal?
Academic renewal is a procedure provides an opportunity for students to obtain alleviation of previously recorded, substandard academic performance which is not reflective of subsequent demonstrated ability. For further information regarding academic renewal meet with a counselor.

What is the purpose of the Student Success and Support Initiative?
Continuing students are eligible to participate and maintain priority registration for all semester -- unless… they are placed on academic/progress probation for two consecutive semesters or have earned over 100 degree applicable units excluding ESL or basic skills.

What is a Student Educational Plan?
During your first semester at Glendale Community College, you need to make an appointment with a counselor to have a Student Educational Plan (SEP) prepared. An SEP is an outline of all your general education, major, prerequisite and elective classes related to your personal educational goal, as well as the graduation requirements. Once a counselor completed your SEP you will be able to view your SEP in you’re My Planner in your MyGCC. Take advantage of the Career Center to assist you in selecting a career goal or major if you are undecided.

What academic programs can you pursue at GCC?

What is a unit? Can it help me gage study time? 

  • Generally, one unit of credit equals one hour of class time. For example, a three unit lecture class meets three hours per week. Full time student status equals 12 units. 
  • Each unit you take, consider at least two hours of study time per week. For example, taking 12 units might require 24 hours of study time per week 
  • In addition to class and study time, consider your family and work commitments, leisure times when building your semester schedule.
How can I calculate my GPA?
G.P.A. stands or grade point average. Letter grades are given point value:


A = 4 points per unit   C = 2 points per unit     F = 0 points per unit   P/NP = 0*** points per unit  
B = 3 points per unit   D = 1 points per unit        W = 0*** points per unit

*** Note: P/NP and W’s are not used in calculating your G.P.A.
Each class has a specific unit value. Start by multiplying the letter grade value by the unit value.

Example: 1
History is 3 units and you received a grade of “B” for that class. So take the unit value: 3 units times letter grade value for a “B” to get the grade points for that class.

3 units x 3 grade points = 9

This will give you the point value for that class. So the point value for the History class is 9.
The way to get your grade point average for all courses is to take each course and multiply each unit value to each letter grade value then add all grade points together and then divide by the total number of units.

Example: 2
English is 3 units “B” 3 x 3 = 9 9
History is 3 units “B” 3 x 3 = 9 9
Geography is 3 units “C” 3 x 2 = 6 6
Music is 3 units “C” 3 x 2 = 6 +6

The total grade points for the semester is going to be 30.
The total units is 12 for the semester. Take 30 and divide by 12 to get the G.P.A
So now you have 30 grade points/ 12 units = 2.5

Visit the Transfer Center GPA calculator

How do I activate my GCC email?