Online Counseling

Online Counseling is a web-based service which allows students to connect with an academic counselor online and complete many of the services available during an in-person counseling meeting.

There are two online counseling options: Online Counseling Drop-in and Online Counseling Appointments.

Before you log into your session, please review the online meeting requirements. When signing up for the first time you must use your GCC email account ( Prospective students may use a private email account.
Drop-in Counseling

During the online counseling drop-in students have an opportunity to briefly interact with a counselor online and ask a question or two of a very general nature. Topics may include:

  • Prerequisite clearances
  • Transfer information; IGETC/CSU Breadth Inquiries
  • Information about Associate Degree/Certificate programs
  • Information about important enrollment deadlines and registration assistance
  • Clarification of college policies and procedures
  • Brief assistance with various forms/petitions such as: Transcript Evaluation, AP Credit, Third Repeat, etc.         Click here for Drop-in Counseling.
Counseling Appointment

Online Appointments are one-hour counseling appointments. Topics covered in an appointment include:

  • Student Educational Plans (SEP)
  • Academic Probation Contract
  • Graduation Petitions
  • Academic Renewal
  • Letters of Recommendation

If you have external transcripts please be sure to mention them in your appointment request email.               Click for more Appointment info.

Meeting Technical Requirements
Mac OS and Windows Meeting Requirements:
  • The latest version of Chrome or Firefox should be used (Do not use Internet Explorer)
  • The web camera should be ready and activated (not required for drop-in counseling)
  • Computers should have a built in microphone or have a headset with microphone ready
Android and Windows Device Meeting Requirements:
  • Use Chrome
  • Have your web camera ready and activated (not required for drop-in)
  • Have a headset with microphone ready – your cell phone headset will work great
iOS – Apple Device Meeting Requirements:

iOS devices can use advising chat and schedule a meeting with their handheld device through Safari and Chrome browsers.
Operating Systems:
Windows 7 or higher
OS 10 or higher (iMac/MacBook 2009 or later)/iOS will be active with the latest version of Safari. Release date November 2018.
Linux/Android Specs: any version of Linux that supports the latest Firefox or Chrome build

Bandwidth: 1 Mbps or higher
Webcam: (optional)
Microphone: (optional)
Headset / Earbuds: (optional)

Online Etiquette

Please be prepared for the appointment as you would for an in-person appointment on campus. Have a picture ID ready to show to the counselor. As you are aware, web-based counseling is new to many and this guide will give you an overview of appropriate etiquette when interacting in this new environment.

Your appointment should be conducted in a quiet and private place. Please find a location where you will be able to communicate with the counselor effectively. (Do not log in from a public setting. Log-in from a secured site.)

Counseling appointments are confidential. The use of a private computer is strongly encouraged. If using a public/shared computer take all necessary measures to protect your data at the end of the appointment (e.g. clear download/browsing history, sign-out, etc.)

You will need to have access to a computer with specific technical requirements listed above. The following are recommended: proper attire; proper lighting in the room; quiet location; no interruptions (do not answer phone calls, texts or web surfing during the appointment); and give full attention to the counselor.  

If you need assistance with online counseling, please email us at: