The CalWORKs Parents Program

We provide everything you need to get the education you need for your future career.

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We believe parents receiving welfare can become economically independent by receiving training, a degree or certificate, and practice working in a professional environment.


We believe that children of welfare parents will thrive as a result of seeing their parents succeed in school and at work.


We are proud of our students and believe in their bright, prosperous, and happy futures. 

If you are a CalWORKs student,
we are here to help you find your way in school, in GAIN, and in a life and career beyond welfare.   

If you are a GAIN or REP Worker, we are here provide your participants with the training they need to be in compliance with GAIN and to move towards self-sufficiency. 

If you are member of the GCC faculty, we are here to facilitate the services that will help your CalWORKs students complete your classes successfully.