Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What do I need to do to enroll in the GCC CalWORKs Parents Program?

Follow these instructions to enroll.

2.  What are your hours?

Our hours and locations can be found here.

3.  How can I get a CalWORKs Work Study job?

If you are eligible for the current term, we can give you a referral to the Job Placement Center for a Work Study Job.  Work Study jobs are assigned based on job availability and student skills. More information can be found here.       

4.  Can I change my major?

If you are studying at GCC through the GAIN Program, you may be able to change your major if you first amend your vocational goal with GAIN.  If you would like to change your major, talk with your GCC CalWORKs Case Manager as soon as possible. 

5.  How can I get in touch with someone from your office?

You can find our contact information here.  If you need to contact your Case Manager, you may e-mail or telephone. 

6.  Is that cat really reading a newspaper?  

While cats do communicate using body language, meowing, and vocalizing, we have concluded it is highly unlikely that this cat is really reading a newspaper.