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Classes & Workshops


ST DV 125

1.0 Unit
ST DV 125 is a course that helps students choose a career goal by assessing and analyzing personal values, aptitudes, skills, interests, and traits and relating them to career areas. Decision-making strategies are taught and a tentative career plan is developed. Lecture 1 hour.
Note: This course is Pass/No Pass only.
Recommended Preparation: ENGL 191 or ESL 141. Transfer Credit: CSU. 

ST DV 145

3.0 Units
ST DV 145 is a survey course designed to increase academic motivation and career success throughout the life span. The primary goal of this course is to examine how an individual’s psychological, social, physical, and environmental factors impact academic achievement and academic, career and personal life choices. Topics include learning theory, achievement motivation, identity development, critical thinking strategies, study and time management techniques, career exploration, decision making, and vocational planning. Lecture 3 hours.
Note: ST DV 145 may not be taken for credit by students who have successfully completed ST DV 125 or ST DV 128.
Recommended Preparation: ENGL 191 or ESL 141. Transfer Credit: CSU, UC. 


Enhance your career awareness and job-hunting savvy by taking advantage of thematic workshops conducted by GCC Career Counselors throughout the academic year on the following topics:

  • Effective Résumé
  • Cover Letter Essentials
  • Successful Interview Strategies
  • Networking Principles
  • Internship Fundamentals

Effective Résumé workshops address essential resume-writing principles, alternative resume formats, and key content elements. Most importantly, you will learn how to positively present yourself on paper and make the employer interested in you. Keep in mind that only a well-written resume can help you advance to the next step in the hiring process and secure you an interview — so be sure you get it right!

Cover Letter Essentials workshops are designed to facilitate job applicant's ability to generate employer's interest by writing a brief, hard-hitting self-advertisement showcasing their most notable qualifications and career successes. They also provide advice on how to address special circumstances such as gaps in employment history, lack of work experience, or career changes, while still making a compelling case for why one would be an asset to the organization.

Successful Interview Strategies workshops focus on different interview formats, most commonly asked interview questions, before, during, and after interview tips, as well as proper dress code, body language, and self-confidence issues. You have one chance to convince the employer that you are the right candidate for the job. Make it count!

Networking Principles workshops introduce students to effective networking and informational interviewing strategies that can help individuals maximize their job and internship search. Only about twenty percent of all jobs are advertised on the open job market. Networking offers a unique opportunity for students to develop connections, get advice, build relationships with professionals who have first-hand experience in the occupational field of their choice, and potentially tap into unadvertised job openings. Informational interviewing is part of the networking process that allows one to gain insight into the realities of working in a particular occupation as well as build a professional network.

Internship Fundamentals workshops cover a wide range of topics, including labor laws, educational requirements, effective internship search resources, and planning tools. Moreover, these workshops offer tips and guidance for finding and securing an internship in a variety of educational pathways, areas of interest, and professional pursuits.

For additional workshop information, including their dates, times, and location, please visit the Career Center Events page. 

To register for any of the sessions, log into MyGCC | Main Menu | Workshops | Career Workshops.

Please note: GCC Career Services workshops are primarily reserved for currently enrolled students and serve as a gateway to an appointment with a career counselor.
Non-students may attend workshops on a room-available basis. 
For questions, please call (818) 240-1000, ext. 5407 or visit the Career Center in the Sierra Vista Building, 3rd floor.

Free Information Packets

Students are welcome to drop by the Career Center to request a free copy of Résumé Writing Guidelines, Cover Letter Essentials, Doing Well on Your Job Interview, Informational Interviewing Tips, etc., and to take advantage of other job-search and career-exploration resources.