Career Center Library

We make every effort to bring the most current career and job search information to our students. Our library of occupational books alone consists of over 140 titles.


  • Roadmap to Job-Winning Military to Civilian Resumes (Careerpro Global's 21st Century Career)
    By Barbara A. Adams and Lee Kelley
  • Deployment to Employment: A Guide for Military Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Employment
    By Russ Hovendick
  • Networking For Veterans: A Guidebook for a Successful Military Transition into the Civilian Workforce
    By Michael Abrams, Michael L. Faulkner, Andrea Nierenberg
  • Your Queer Career: The Ultimate Guide for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Job Seekers
    By Riley B. Folds III
  • Job Search Handbook for People With Disabilities: A Complete Career Planning and Job Search Guide
    By Daniel J. Ryan
  • Job Search Organizer: An Interactive Program for Job Placement of Injured Workers & Persons with Disabilities
    By Gerald K. Wells PhD, CRC & Asheley Drexell Wells, MS, CRC


  • I'm an English Major? Now What?
    By Timothy Lemire
  • Career Opportunities in the Nonprofit Sector
    By Jennifer Bobrow Burns
  • Opportunities in Marine Science and Maritime Careers
    By Ray Heitzmann
  • Opportunities in Medical Imaging Careers
    By Clifford J. Sherry
  • Cover Letter Magic Third Edition (Third Edition)
    By Wendy S. Enelow and Louise M. Kursmark
  • Opportunities in Travel Careers
    By Robert Scott Milne, et al
  • Great Jobs for Art Major
    By Blythe Camenson
  • Action! : Establishing Your Career in Film and Television Production
    By Sandra Gordon
  • Careers for Film Buffs & Other Hollywood Types
    By Jaq Greenspon
  • Opportunities in Nutrition Careers
    By Caldwell Carol Coles, et al
  • Opportunities in Journalism Careers
    By Donald L. Ferguson, et al
  • Opportunities in Television and Video Careers (VGM Opportunities Series)
    By Shonan F. R. Noronha
  • Opportunities in Osteopathic Medicine Careers
    By Terence J. Sacks
  • Opportunities in Retailing Careers
    By Roslyn Dolber
  • Careers for Writers & Others Who Have a Way With Words (Careers for You)
    By Robert W. Bly, Bob Bly
  • A Guide to Careers in Community Development
    By Alice Shabecoff, Paul C. Brophy
  • Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry
    By Shelly Field
  • Game Plan: The Insider's Guide to Breaking In and Succeeding in the Computer and Video Game Business
    By Alan Gershenfeld (Author), et al
  • Hotel/Restaurant Management Career Starter
    By Lauren B. Starkey
  • Opportunities in Human Resource Management Careers (VGM Opportunities)
    By William J. Traynor, J. Steven McKenzie