Career Counseling

The Career Service program provides a venue for students to assess their life priorities and developmental needs, research current occupational and academic information, and receive individualized support in defining and achieving their career and educational goals.
Our career counseling team advises GCC students at various stages of their career planning process, including choosing a major, deciding on a future career path, and preparing to enter the world of work. Current GCC students have the opportunity to meet with a career counselor by appointment, in a relaxed and confidential setting to discuss their career development needs and aspirations.
Please note that career planning is a multi-step process that requires strong personal commitment and persistence. As individuals progress through each step at their own pace, they learn how to take charge of their own futures, find the best fit for their goals, build their personal brand, and boost their professional value in the context of a knowledge-based economy.

Your Action Plan

  • Contact Career Services to reserve a ½ hour Intake appointment with a career counselor to talk about your personal situation in a confidential setting and to obtain a Referral to take career assessments. You may schedule appointments either in person in the Sierra Vista Bldg. 3nd floor or over the phone at (818) 240-1000 ext. 5407 or 5408.
  • Complete career assessment inventories suggested by the career counselor to evaluate your unique qualities and preferences and to learn how your interests, personality style, values, and abilities fit together with a career field or major. Assessments are administered by staff during office hours. No prearranged appointment is necessary. Please allow one hour per assessment.
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment with your career counselor to go over your assessment results and to pinpoint occupational fields that best suit you. As you gain a better understanding of yourself and your dream job, your career counselor will help you to narrow your major/career options down to a manageable number that you could then start exploring in depth.
  • Research information on career opportunities, key competencies, work environment, labor market data, and educational requirements in the occupational field of your choice. Ask Career Services staff for assistance with specialized career exploration resources available online.
  • Conduct an informational interview with professionals who have first-hand experience in your chosen occupational field. Informational interviews provide a great opportunity to learn more about the realities of working in a particular occupation. Your career counselor or our staff will advise you how to proceed.
  • Continue scheduling appointments with your career counselor to report your findings and progress until you have finalized your decision on the choice of college major and career path.
  • Make an appointment with an academic counselor for class selection and college program direction and to develop your Student Educational Plan (S.E.P.).