Exploration Resources

Glendale Community College students as well as community members can take advantage of our extensive career and academic reference resources which include:

  • EUREKA, The California Career Information System©  
  • Vocational Biographies©
  • Occupational Books Library
  • Internet Access
  • California Community Colleges Catalogs
  • Resume, Interview, Internship, Job-Search Advice

We provide guidance and assistance to students researching the following information:

  • Description of one's prospective career or job
  • Job duties, personal qualifications, abilities and key skills
  • Future job outlook
  • Salary potential and chances for advancement
  • Related occupations
  • Educational preparation and training requirements
  • Employment opportunities in industry
  • Programs which offer training: graduate schools, universities, colleges, technical and private schools
  • Licensing, certification, and credential requirements
  • Specific and detailed college information


Thousands of people use EUREKA every year for:

  • Self Assessment Instruments
  • Career Assessment Cross References
  • Occupational Clusters
  • In-depth Occupational Descriptions
  • Occupational Descriptions in Spanish
  • Localized Information
  • International Occupational Information
  • Programs of Study
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities Search
  • Thousands of Scholarships and Awards
  • Industry Descriptions
  • Job Search and Resume Instructions
  • Letter Writer for schools, scholarships, and associations
  • Military Occupational Descriptions
  • Steps to Business Ownership
  • Internet Access Compatibility

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