GCC responds to the Coronavirus Outbreak. GCC has moved to remote online instruction.

DSPS Classes

DSPS offers a variety of classes, all taught by DSPS faculty.  The classes are designed to help you increase your knowledge, strength, and skills so that you are better able to be successful in your other classes at GCC.

There are three different types of DSPS classes, and they are found in three different sections of the Schedule of Classes:

Adapted Computer Classes

These classes are listed in the Computer Applications & Business Office Technology (CABOT) section of the Schedule.

Adapted Physical Education Classes

These classes can be found in the Physical Education (PE) section.

Academic Support Classes

These classes are housed in the Student Development (ST DV) portion of the Schedule of Classes.

You can learn all about these classes by clicking on each title on the left.  To find the times, dates and locations of the classes, refer to the appropriate Schedule of Classes.  Be sure to read any special notes!

Lip Reading Workshop

Click on this title on the left for information details about this free class.