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About DSPS

Get the Most From Our Programs and Services!


We offer a comprehensive spectrum of services that provide assistance, both to students who require academic accommodations due to a disability, and to the faculty who work with them.

The CSD is ready to support our faculty in achieving the following:

  • understanding the rights, necessary accommodations, and needs of individuals with disabilities; 
  • providing all students with an optimal learning environment that promotes academic success;
  • encouraging and empowering students to become self-advocates;
  • promoting independence and personal responsibility in students.

Overview of Services

Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD): Academic advisement, vocational and occupational counseling, disability-related counseling, tram services, handicapped parking, note takers.

Garfield Campus Counseling:  Academic advisement, vocational and occupational counseling, disability-related counseling.

Alternate Media: Utilizes specialized equipment to scan books and documents, software to convert scanned images to text, software for the conversion of text to Braille or to audio files, and equipment to emboss Braille and create tactile images.

Instructional Assistance Center: Learning disability assessments, specialized tutoring, test proctoring, study skills, accommodations.

High-Tech Center: Specialized training in, and use of adaptive technology.

Adapted Physical Education: Improving physical fitness and motor skills necessary for activities of daily living, developing positive self-image and feelings of self-worth, and building skills and abilities which  enable participation in both academic and leisure/recreational pursuits.

Specialized Workshops:  Including Lip Reading and PAIR UP: workshops in assistive technology.