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CSD Counseling

Center for Students with Disabilities Counseling Department

Counseling - student in a conference with a counselor

The CSD Counseling Department provides services and accommodations for students with documented disabilities who attend Glendale Community College. A variety of programs and services are available which afford eligible students with disabilities the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of college programs and activities through appropriate and reasonable accommodations.

Eligible students include those whose conditions limit one or more of the major life activities and impose educational limitations preventing them from fully benefiting from classes, activities or services offered by the college. These conditions include but are not limited to learning disabilities, speech and hearing impairments, vision loss, emotional or mental illness, orthopedic limitations, neurological and health related impairments.

Qualified students receive disability-related counseling and are assisted in the pursuit of academic, vocational, and personal goals. The professional staff serves as liaison with on-campus resources as well as off-campus agencies and allied health professionals.

Support services and specialized instruction are provided to students based on student educational plans and contracts. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Disability related counseling
  • Mobility orientation
  • Vocational counseling
  • Priority registration
  • Audio books
  • Registration assistance
  • Interpreters for the deaf
  • Tram service
  • Note taking assistance
  • Special parking
  • Lip reading instruction
  • Referrals to other specialized services


San Fernando Complex, SF 121 

Please call to schedule an appointment:  (818) 240 -1000  x5905.