Note Taking Accommodations

Obtaining accurate and comprehensive lecture notes is imperative for success in many college courses.  Because there are a number of physical and cognitive challenges that hinder note-taking abilities for many students with disabilities, the provision of note-taking assistance is an essential service provided by DSPS.  These services come in two forms:

Note-taker or shared notes

Students with this approved accommodation present a signed letter from DSPS to their instructors, requesting that the instructor ask the class for a volunteer to share his or her notes.  Note takers are provided two-part carbonless copy paper, with which they can write their notes and provide copies to the students with disabilities. They are rewarded with a stipend in the form of a bookstore voucher.

If you are presented with such a letter, please allow the student his/her right to confidentiality.  Do not address the student directly in front of the rest of the class.

Electronic Recorders

Glendale College recognizes the use of electronic devises for the recording of class lectures as a reasonable accommodation, as stated in Administrative Regulation 5500, Part C, #22.  Electronic devises that may be used include the following:

  • Digital recorders
  • Smart phones
  • Smartpens
  • Personal notepads or computers with recording apps such as Sonocent, AudioNote, Evernote and OneNote

Instructors who are uncomfortable with having their lectures recorded may ask the student to obtain and sign a contract from DSPS that includes the following stipulations:

The student will not:

  • sell or distribute the recordings in any form;
  • utilize them in any way that would hinder the instructor’s ability to copyright, or defame or dishonor the instructor
  • record any classroom discussion that is personal in nature.