Adapted Physical Education Classes

At Glendale Community College, Adapted Physical Education focuses on the importance of personalized physical activity programs. The composition of each student’s activity program varies from one individual to another. 

Participation in Glendale College’s Adapted Physical Education program can:

  1. improve physical fitness and motor skills necessary for activities of daily living;
  2. develop positive self-image and feelings of self-worth; and
  3. build skills and abilities which will enable participation in both academic and leisure/recreational pursuits.

Contact Information:

Dr. Lee Parks, Ph.D.
Professor of Kinesiology - Adapted Physical Education
Phone:  (818) 240-1000  x5557 

Laura Matsumoto, OTR/L
Professor of Kinesiology - Adapted Physical Education & CS/IS - Access Technology
Phone:  (818) 240-1000  x3192

Kinesiology Division Page

PE 130 - Adapted Activities
PE 132 - Adapted Aquatics
PE 134 - Adapted Wellness and Fitness Lab
PE 135 - Adapted Indoor Cycling for Fitness
Dance 150 - Physical Reintegration