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The Learning Disability Quiz

Does it seem like there is something different about the way you learn?  Have you ever wondered if perhaps you have a learning disability?  Perhaps it’s time to learn more about yourself as a learner.  Start by taking this true/false quiz!

Are the following statements true or false about you?

  • You put a lot of time and effort into your studying, but you don’t get the grades you think you should.
  • You have great thoughts, but you can’t seem to put them on paper in an organized form so they make sense to your instructor.
  • Your spelling is not good.  Perhaps you get the beginning and ending of the word spelled correctly, but you just guess at the middle.  You can’t remember whether to use their, they’re or there.  Sometimes it’s the little words that you confuse, like was and saw or then and than.
  • It takes you forever to read an assignment.  You’ll read for a while, and then realize you haven’t been absorbing any of it. You have to start over and over again.
  • You find it very difficult to take notes.  You can’t write and listen at the same time.  The instructor goes too fast.  It takes too long to copy things from the board.
  • You can’t trust your memory.  You know something one day, and then it’s gone the next.  You study hard, and then forget everything when you go to take the test. You’re often the last one in the room taking a test.  You don’t think well under pressure, get distracted by the other people in the room, and run out of time before you can get your thoughts down.
  • You just don’t get math.  You make careless errors, like adding instead of subtracting.  You forget your times tables.  You can’t remember all the steps.