Book Service


You may use your book voucher to purchase your textbooks from our college bookstore in person or ONLINE . Don't wait in lines. Shop online and pick up your books at a "will call" counter in the bookstore. Online purchase orders will be processed overnight. Students will receive and e-mail notification when the order is ready for pick up. The summer book voucher can be used for both summer session up to the maximum amount awarded. 
MONDAY, June 18, 2018

Get your books early and be ready for the first day of classes.
EOPS book service is provided to EOPS students to ensure that they have the educational tools necessary to succeed academically. It may not cover all the textbook related expenses. If students do not exhaust the full amount allocated by the deadline, the balance will remain in the EOPS book voucher account.
NOTE: EOPS Book Voucher may be used to purchase/rent only those books that are required for registered courses. EOPS book voucher may not be used for supplies and shipping expenses. EOPS book voucher is non-transferable. Under no circumstances, students may use their EOPS book voucher to purchase books for another individual.
You have choices:
Option 1: You may purchase your textbooks ONLINE with GCC bookstore and avoid waiting in lines. The order will be processed and ready for pick up at a “will call” counter in the bookstore. 
Option 2: You may purchase your textbooks in store.

All students using EOPS book voucher are required to present the following documents to the bookstore cashier:

  1. Your GCC student picture ID
  2. A copy of your class registration
    IMPORTANT: If you are presenting an electronic copy of your registration, you must have it open on your electronic device and ready to present to the cashier.

You may purchase/rent your books in several transactions as long as you have not exhausted the full amount allocated for the current term. You must complete the purchase/rent transactions by the deadline. Check the bookstore hours on their website.

All exchanges or returns are done at the bookstore.

GCC Bookstore Hours


Book Voucher ANNOUNCEMENT                                 (PDF) click here


Book Voucher Q&A                                                        (PDF)click here


EOPS Book Voucher Eligibility Criteria 

EOPS offers a book service to eligible students based on student's program and financial eligibility determined by the EOPS and Financial Aid offices. This service is offered in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer terms. Continuing students must be in compliance with the EOPS Mutual Responsibility Contract. In order to be eligible for the book service as a continuing student, you must also meet the following criteria.

Continuing EOPS students

  • 12 units successfully completed in the previous semester
  • Overall GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • No more than 6 consecutive semesters with EOPS 
  • Three counseling contacts each semester-Fall and Spring (check deadlines)
  • One counseling contact each intersession-Winter and Summer (if registered) (check deadlines)
  • Preliminary SEP and Mutual Responsibility contract on file

Potential EOPS students: Book voucher service is not guaranteed by the program. It is contingent upon student eligibility and available funds. It is highly recommended that while in the admission process, students purchase/rent their books and keep their receipts. If you get a book voucher award the first semester you can get reimbursed up to the maximum amount of the book voucher award. All exchanges or returns are done at the bookstore in compliance with the bookstore's return/exchange policy.

Attention: EOPS and CARE financial assistance may be available to EOPS/CARE students who in addition to meeting all EOPS /CARE program eligibility requirements are financially eligible to receive these services. The determination is based on individual student’s financial aid award and the remaining financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office. Students must have completed all financial aid forms and requirements and have received their Financial Aid Award Notification for remaining need to be determined. CARE students must meet additional CARE program eligibility requirements to qualify for CARE financial support. All EOPS and CARE awards are contingent upon EOPS/CARE Program funding availability.