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 On September 1, 1993 the Chancellor's office approved a Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) project allocation for Glendale College, EOPS. The goal of CARE is to reduce long term welfare dependency and support the needs of the single parent for economic self-sufficiency.

CARE program provides special services for EOPS students which may include but are not limited to: emergency loan; special workshops, CARE money grants and meal cards.


Before downloading the CARE Application Screening Form read the legal requirements for participation below.

Single Parant

The following are the legal requirements for participation:

  • Admitted to EOPS
  • Current recipient of CalWORKs cash aid for themselves and/or their dependent child (ren)
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Single head of household
  • Must apply for Financial Aid
  • Pursue an educational goal which leads to a certificate, degree or transfer


Steps to Complete Care Program Eligibility and Screening Form

  1. Download form
  2. Complete form
  3. Print form
  4. Submit form to the EOPS office
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If you would like further information about this program, please contact the EOPS office at (818)240-1000 ext. 6900 or e-mail E. Nazaryan at


EOPS and CARE financial assistance may be available to EOPS/CARE students who in addition to meeting all EOPS /CARE program eligibility requirements are financially eligible to receive these services. The determination is based on individual student’s financial aid award and the remaining financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office. Students must have completed all financial aid forms and requirements and have received their Financial Aid Award Notification for remaining need to be determined. CARE students must meet additional CARE program eligibility requirements to qualify for CARE financial support. All EOPS and CARE awards are contingent upon EOPS/CARE Program funding availability.