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EOPS Emergency Loan

EOPS emergency loan is established to assist EOPS students meet unexpected or untimely costs for books, college supplies, and transportation. Loans may not exceed $300 in a single academic year and must be repaid by a personal check by the set deadline, or withdrawn from the first available Financial Aid check, whichever comes first. The previous loan must be repaid before a new one can be issued. Delinquent loans will be assigned to a collection agency and to the State Franchise Tax Board. FINANCIAL HOLD will be placed on student's record. Students must provide documentation addressing the emergency situation.To apply for EOPS emergency loan, students must meet all the eligibility criteria outlined below:

  • Meet all EOPS entrance and continued program eligibility requirements
  • Have FAFSA completed and unmet need determined by the financial aid office
  • Currently enrolled in 6 or more units/semester
  • Have repaid previous loan balances<
  • Completed all EOPS emergency loan paperwork and provided supporting documentation
  • Must have a current GCC student picture ID card

PLEASE NOTE: Once the application for the emergency loan is approved, it may take up to five business days to have the check ready for pick up.

EOPS and CARE financial assistance may be available to EOPS/CARE students who in addition to meeting all EOPS /CARE program eligibility requirements are financially eligible to receive these services. The determination is based on individual student’s financial aid award and the remaining financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office. Students must have completed all financial aid forms and requirements and have received their Financial Aid Award Notification for remaining need to be determined. CARE students must meet additional CARE program eligibility requirements to qualify for CARE financial support. All EOPS and CARE awards are contingent upon EOPS/CARE Program funding availability.