EOPS Grant


The EOPS grant is awarded to eligible EOPS students in Fall and Spring semesters based on program funding availability, student program eligibility and financial aid eligibility.

To be considered for the EOPS Grant, students must be in good standing with the program and meet all the eligibility criteria listed below.

Students, who do not fulfill student responsibilities listed in the EOPS Mutual Responsibility Contract, will be out of compliance with the program and be placed on a warning status with EOPS. Students who are out of compliance with the program will not be considered for EOPS Grant for the following primary semester.

EOPS Grant Eligibility Criteria

The students must:

  1. Have three counseling contacts completed in the prior semester (first semester EOPS students are exempt).
  2. Be in good standing with the program as specified in the EOPS Mutual Responsibility Contract and verified by the EOPS counselor.
  3. Be in satisfactory academic standing. If the student is on academic or progress probation, the current Probation Contract must be on file and the student must be following his/her probation contract.
  4. Demonstrate that they are making progress toward their academic goal by taking appropriate courses listed on the Student Educational Plan on file.
  5. Be registered in at least 6 units in the current semester.
  6. Have sufficient unmet need determined by the Financial Aid Office.
  7. Have completed FAFSA application, submitted all the required income documentation as requested by the Financial Aid Office, and have received their Financial Aid Award Notification with the remaining financial need determined.
  8. Not be on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Dismissal or Term Dismissal.