Contact the HelpFinder Committee

Glendale Community College cares about you and we want you to find the help you need to be a comfortable, happy, successful student.  


If you need more help, the HelpFinder Committee Members can help you connect with resources:

 Name  Dept  Email  Ext
Angine Aslanian Student Outreach  3563
Tatyana Bartholomew Student Employment  5407
Sharis Davoodi Student Employment  5403 
Aarin Edwards CalWORKs Parents Program  5846 
Dr. Jean Lecuyer Physical Sciences  5358
Ellen Oppenberg Center for Students with Disabilities  5529
Beth Pflueger Music Department  5829
Toni Reyes Health Center  5190
Shant Shahoian Learning Center  5341
Hoover Zariani Multicultural and Community Engagement Center  5789