Absent Professor Program

What is the Absent Professor Program?

The Absent Professor Program increases student exposure to faculty by utilizing existing instructional resources on campus. When instructors know they will be absent, they can contact the Learning Center at least two weeks prior to the date of their absence to arrange to have workshops delivered in their classes while they are gone. Instructors may select from the menu of options to the right, many of which are outside their direct area of expertise but which complement their course objectives. For example, a biology instructor will attend a conference in two weeks, and she opts to have her students in a two-hour course learn how to write an effective summary (from an English instructor) and how to conduct research online (from a librarian).

When a traditional substitute is not a desired or viable option, consider using the Absent Professor Program. Simply choose among the options from the menu on this page. Each workshop runs 60 minutes. If your class normally meets for two hours, you may elect to have two workshops delivered in your absence, but you can also choose to have only one workshop delivered. Select as many topics as you feel would benefit your students. Then, email Shant Shahoian at shants@glendale.edu, using the template below in your email. I will do my best to find instructors for the topics you choose, but the more options you provide, the more likely I am to staff the workshop(s) you select. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we will be unable to fulfill a request because a qualified instructor could not be found at the time requested. I will confirm each request as soon as I hear from the instructor(s) teaching the workshop(s). As always, your patience is appreciated. 

We are piloting this program this year, so we have a limited number of these sessions available. Your students will be asked to complete an evaluation form for each workshop delivered, and instructors will be asked to complete a short, online survey after the workshops they requested have been delivered.

Please use this template when you email Shant Shahoian:

Subject Line of Email: Absent Professor Program Request

Name: Dr. Garth Fader

GCC Email: gfader@glendale.edu

Date(s) of absence:11/4/15 (WED)

Class(es): ENG 101

Time of class(es): 8:00-10:00 a.m.

Location(s): CR 225

Length of class(es): 120 minutes

Number of students enrolled (in each class): 30

Number of workshops requested (per class): 2

Workshops requested, in order of preference: Citing Sources, Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets, Paragraph Development, and Fragments 

Writing Workshops

Each writing workshop lasts 60 minutes. For more information about the contents of each workshop, please consult the outline for each writing workshop here.

APA Documentation

Avoiding Vague Language

Commas, Semicolons, & Colons


Introductions and Conclusions

Logical Fallacies

MLA Documentation

Paragraph Development

Parts of Speech

Outlining and Essay Structure


Quotation Integration

Run-on Sentences

Summary vs. Analysis

Thesis Sentences

Timed Writing Assignments

Writing Summaries

Library Workshops

Each library workshop lasts 60 minutes. You'll find a description of each workshop here.

Intro to the Library

Research Process

Evaluating Sources

Library Databases

Online Catalogs

Citing Sources

Literary Criticism Research

Growth Mindset Workshops

Each workshop lasts 60 minutes. Students explore Carol Dweck's ideas about growth mindset. Although these are numbered, each workshop is taught as an independent unit.  You'll find a description of each workshop here.

Neural Plasticity

Intelligent Practice

Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets


If you have further questions about the Absent Professor Program, please contact Shant Shahoian at EXT 5341 or by email at shants@glendale.edu