GCC responds to the Coronavirus Outbreak. GCC has moved to remote online instruction.

Learning Center Policies

§ You must be currently enrolled at GCC. We do not provide tutoring for classes you are taking at another school or for classes in which you are not currently enrolled.

§ No food or drink is permitted in the Learning Center.

§ Please turn off cellphones.

§ Students caught or suspected of violating Glendale Community College's Policy on Academic Honesty will be asked to terminate their sessions - tutoring, computing, or studying - and their actions will be reported to their instructors.

§ The Learning Center's policy on children is guided by Administrative Regulation 3825, which states the following: "Non student minors on campus are here at the risk of the supervising adult who brings them. Supervising adults are expected to maintain control of their minors to ensure they abide by the Standards of Student Conduct at all times while they are on campus. Both the minor and their supervising adult shall be subject to disciplinary action for any disruption of college services or activities. Unsupervised minors shall be detained by Campus Police until the supervising adult can be located."

§ The Learning Center does not provide tutoring for GCC assessment tests. 

§ The Learning Center does not offer private tutoring services or provide tutoring for elementary or high school students. If you are seeking a private tutor, please contact our Job Placement Center (ext. 5194) and place an advertisement through them.


§ Tutoring Sessions

All tutoring appointments are 30 minutes in length and are limited to 2 appointments per week on different days, unless arranged otherwise with staff members. 

Appointments will be held for 10 minutes at which time we reserve the right to give your appointment to another student. If you are late and another student has not taken your appointment, you can still use the time remaining in your 30 minute session. Based on availability, you may be able to book another appointment on the same day, but students who have not had an appointment that day will receive priority.

Sometimes we can extend your appointment if the tutor has an opening available. Please talk to a staff member before extending an appointment.


§ Math Tutoring

Math tutors are GCC students who have been recommended by their math instructors. The common goal of all the tutors is to help you become a more confident, independent learner. You can expect to be actively involved in your tutoring sessions. Tutors are not here to do your homework for you; they are here to help you learn how to identify and address certain difficulties you may be having in your math classes.


§ Writing Tutoring

The Learning Center provides tutoring by appointment for writing across the curriculum. Any student enrolled in a class at GCC with a writing assignment is eligible to use the tutoring services. 

Writing tutors are GCC students who have been recommended by their instructors and who have completed a tutor training course. Faculty tutors are also available. 

The common goal of all tutors is to help you become a more confident writer and develop independent skills to apply to all stages of the writing process. You can expect to be actively involved in your tutoring sessions. Tutors do not provide proofreading or editing services. Tutors will address several issues on tutoring referral forms. They may also provide materials, such as handouts, if they believe you may benefit from other resources. 


§ Tutoring No-Shows

If a student schedules but does not attend a tutoring appointment, he or she will receive a warning from the Learning Center staff, regardless of the justification, insofar as each no-show disrupts the operation of the Center. Another warning will be issued for the second no-show.

If a student schedules but does not attend a third tutoring appointment in the same term, he or she will not be allowed to schedule another appointment for a period of seven days from the date he or she is notified of the missed appointment.

If a student does not attend a fourth scheduled appointment in the same term, he or she will not be allowed to schedule any more appointments during the term in question and must wait until the subsequent term in order to schedule tutoring appointments, at which time the student has a fresh start and the same series of ramifications as outlined in this paragraph apply.

If a tutor does not honor a tutoring appointment, the Learning Center manager shall handle the violation in accordance with Learning Center policy.

Learning Center User Conduct Policy

The Learning Center provides an open and welcoming environment for students to use the resources and services that support study and learning. Conduct that interferes with the safe, peaceful, and orderly operation of the Center is not allowed. All students are expected to treat others respectfully and to follow rules and staff directions. In circumstances where these expectations are violated, the Learning Center reserves the right to restrict use and/or access to its services.

See: GCC Standards of Student Conduct - GCC Administrative Regulation 5500; and California Penal Code 626.6.


The purpose of this procedure is to provide a prompt and equitable means to address
alleged student violations of the Standards of Student Conduct, and provide the
involved student or students their due process rights guaranteed by state and federal
constitutional protections. This procedure is not intended to substitute for criminal or civil
proceedings that may be initiated by other agencies.

Copies of the Standards of Student Conduct are available in the Student Affairs Office located in the J.W. Smith Student Center. 

COMMUNITY MEMBERS California Penal Code 626.6

626.6. (a) If a person who is not a student, officer or employee of a college or university and who is not required by his or her employment to be on the campus or any other facility owned, operated, or controlled by the governing board of that college or university, enters a campus or facility, and it reasonably appears to the chief administrative officer of the campus or facility, or to an officer or employee designated by the chief administrative officer to maintain order on the campus or facility, that the person is committing any act likely to interfere with the peaceful conduct of the activities of the campus or facility, or has entered the campus or facility for the purpose of committing any such act, the chief administrative officer or his or her designee may direct the person to leave the campus or facility.