FREE ONLINE TUTORING: Anytime, Anywhere for Glendale College Students




Simply log in to your MyGCC account, click on the Main Menu tab, and select Smarthinking.

Immediately connect and interact with a live tutor
Schedule a personal session with a tutor of choice
Submit a question and receive a reply from a tutor
Submit a paper for a tutor to review

Tutoring Subjects Covered: Writing, Math (basic math through Calculus II), Accounting, Statistics, Economics, Biology, Intro Human Anatomy & Physiology, Physics, Chemistry ... and more!

Hours of Service: While math tutoring is available 24/7, most subjects are available for many hours each day. Click here to learn more about the hours of availability for each subject. 

Online Writing Lab:

Submit writing assignments for any class to the Online Writing Lab. A tutor will provide you with detailed, personalized feedback about your essay -- typically within 24 hours.

Video Introduction to Smarthinking: Click here for a general introduction to Smarthinking.  Click here for even more videos on how to use Smarthinking.

Smarthinking Instructional Video for GCC Students: Click here for information about using Smarthinking. For a text version of the video click here.

Handout about Smarthinking: Click here to find a flier with instructions for using Smarthinking and for accessing common whiteboard directions during a Smarthinking tutoring session.

Plenty of Time for Tutoring: Each GCC student is allotted 7 hours of online tutoring per term. Students can check their tutoring time balance on the Smarthinking landing page on the tab labeled Manage Account.

For technical support click here.