GCC responds to the Coronavirus Outbreak. GCC has moved to remote online instruction.

Survival Strategies for Online Classes at GCC

Adapted from Rutgers University’s How to Succeed in an Online Course

Adapted from Indiana University Bloomington Suddenly Online

Hello GCC students. All classes have moved to remote instruction, and whether you’ve taken classes remotely before or are completely new to the online learning environment, we at the Learning Center want to offer you some survival strategies for transitioning to remote instruction.

Although this will be challenging for everyone, remember that your goals as a student, and the goals your professors have for you in your coursework, remain the same. What is changing – for now – is how you will pursue and attain those goals. We’re in this together, so let’s get started.

Using Canvas
Make a plan, one class at a time
Treat your online course like a “real” course
Create a regular study space and eliminate distractions
Actively participate
Get to know yourself and adjust accordingly
Take care of yourself