Our Team

Robert Hill

Dr. Robert Hill
Dean of Student Services
Email: Rhill@glendale.edu
Phone: (818) 240-1000 ext. 5195


Anne-Marie Beck
Center for Reentry Pathways Coordinator
Email: Abeck@glendale.edu 
Phone: (818) 240-1000 ext. 3533

Anne-Marie Beck is the Coordinator / Career Counselor for GCC's Center for Reentry Pathways. She is a committed ally and advocate for the justice-involved and system-impacted population. She has broad-based experience, working with underserved and disadvantaged populations. Her experience includes: serving as the Interim Director / Career Counselor in the career center of a large, faith-based addiction recovery facility, instructing a community college class within a juvenile detention center, and fulfilling the role of Career Pathways Coordinator within a non-profit serving transition-age foster youth. She also co-founded Cypress College's FITE (From Incarceration To Empowerment) Club, specifically for justice-involved students. Anne-Marie is excited to assume the role of Coordinator and Career Counselor for the "Center for Reentry Pathways" on Glendale Community College's campus. 


Freddrick Thomas

Campus Navigator
Email: fthomas@eaglerockschool.org
Phone: (818) 240-1000 ext. 5780

Freddrick Thomas is a student worker at Glendale Community College at the Center for Reentry Pathways. His goal is to help students find a sense of comfortability and acceptance in college. He is currently working towards a major in welding on our campus.  


Tom Dormer
Campus Navigator
Email: T.Dormer89@yahoo.com
Phone: (818) 240-1000 ext. 5780

Originally from Milwaukee, WI and moved here Oct. 23rd, 2018. Served 4 years in prison from 19-23 years old for armed robbery. Before going to prison Tom was an accomplished soccer player, fire fighter, honor role student, and got into no previous trouble with the law. While incarcerated Tom opened up doors for others in prison by reaching a low security prison and achieving a job, no one has ever reached before while being incarcerated. Tom ended coming out to California to continue to pursue his dream of being a professional soccer player and public speaker. He is captain of the GCC soccer team and is excelling in academics currently. He has a passion to help others who need help and guidance.