Students Providing Assistance Resources and Knowledge (SPARK)

The primary objective of the SPARK peer-mentoring program is to contribute to the
advancement of first-year students by aiding in their academic,
emotional, and social adjustments to college.

The SPARK program is designed to help new Glendale Community College (GCC) students to learn to navigate their way the first year of college. During the summer semester new students enrolled in the Summer Bridge program are matched with second or third year students who serve as mentors. Mentors help the new students adjust to their new environment and support them throughout the summer and fall semesters. SPARK peer-mentoring program helps new students be successful in their first year at GCC so that they have a solid foundation to continue their educational goals.



If you have any questions please contact. 

Nane Kakosian in the Multicultural & Community Engagement Center (SM 267)
Ext. 5790 -

Hoover Zariani in the Multicultural & Community Engagement Center (SM 267)
  Ext.5789 -