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2017 Mentors

 Jennifer Amador  

Mentor:            Jennifer Amador

Major:              Child Development

Career Goal:     Teacher


Mentor:            Guadalupe Arevalos

Major:              Undecided

Career Goal:     Produce Inspector

 Cobby Ascencio  

Mentor:            Cobby Ascencio

Major:              Business Administration

Career Goal:     Entrepreneur

 Eduardo Carreno  

Mentor:            Eduardo Carreno

Major:              Pre-Med

Career Goal:     Doctor


Mentor:            Vanesa Castaneda

Major:              Child Development

Career Goal:     Teacher

 Marilyn Favela  

Mentor:            Marilyn Favela

Major:              Sociology

Career Goal:     To be Awesome!

Jonathan Galicia

Mentor:            Jonathan Galicia

Major:              Psychology

Career Goal:     Academic Counselor

Anaees Ghoukassian

Mentor:            Anaees Ghoukassian

Major:              Psychology

Career Goal:     Clinical Psychologist


Mentor:            Elen Hakoupiani

Major:              Business Administration

Career Goal:     To work for a corporation


Mentor:            Alexandra Karamians

Major:              Registered Dietitian

Career Goal:     Nutrition for Pregnant women, and kids

 Luis Pedro Mendoza  

Mentor:            Luis Pedro Mendoza

Major:              Psychology

Career Goal:     Forensics


Mentor:            Manuel Najera

Major:              Kinesiology

Career Goal:     Athletic Training / Fireman


Mentor:            Nyrie Noravian

Major:              Nursing

Career Goal:     Nurse

 Florina Patron  

Mentor:            Florina Patron

Major:              Chemical Engineering

Career Goal:     Environmental Research

 Maria Perez  

Mentor:            Maria Perez

Major:              Kinesiology

Career Goal:     Physical Therapy

 Xochitl Rodriguez-Ariz  

Mentor:            Xochitl Rodriguez-Ariz

Major:              Art, Illustration              

Career Goal:     Have a happy career in art

 Nestor Sanchez  

Mentor:            Nestor Sanchez

Major:              Computer Animation

Career Goal:     To be an animator

 Maria Sandoval  

Mentor:            Maria Sandoval


Career Goal:

 Anton Torres  

Mentor:            Anton Torres

Major:              Biology

Career Goal:     Doctor and Professional Runner

 Alison Zamora  

Mentor:            Alison Zamora

Major:              Philosophy

Career Goal:     Law / Non-Profit / Officer / Homicide