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Community Service/Volunteer Students

In addition to the service learning activities offered by GCC, a large number of students choose to do community service or volunteer work for a variety of reasons.

To help students with this process, our center offers a database of over 180 non-profit organizations in the Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, Los Angeles and the Valley areas. Our list is updated each semester and new agencies are added on a regular basis.

Regardless of why, MCEC is here to help you find agency or organization that really needs your help and to match you with the best possible opportunities out there.

Some of the reasons students choose to do community service include:

Career/Major Exploration

Many times, students are not sure of the career field they want to pursue or the major they will choose once they transfer to a four-year university. Doing some sort of community service helps clarify these objectives. Students often discover that they are very excited about a particular type of work through volunteering whil others discover that what they thought would interest them, does not. Volunteering and community service are great ways to find out what you will or won't like to do in the future.

Skills Development

Employers regularly cite communication and teamwork skills as the ones necessary for almost any type of job. Again, community service can help you develop those skills and sharpen your existing skills. Many students who have never been in the world of work have not had the chance to develop these skills and can benefit from learning by actually doing.

Resume Building

Particularly with the difficult economic challenges faced by everyone, community service offers an opportunity to build your resume so that you can be more marketable in the future job market.

Scholarship Application

Many scholarships often want to see that students are involved in activities outside of the classroom such as clubs or community service. This shows them that the individual is a well-rounded person who cares about their community.


Often times, community service or volunteer work may lead to a job. Many students who do well in their community service are hired when a paid position is available. Even if not hired, volunteers meet others in their field who can help them in the future when they enter the job market.

Giving Back to the Community

Many students for personal,spiritual, or other reasons want to help their community. Whatever the reason, there are opportunities available for all skill levels, If you are interested in a certain type of opportunity which is not on our list, we will be happy to find it for you.