System Maintenance

The PeopleSoft student information system (this includes MyGCC and schedule of classes) will be unavailable from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, January 26 due to scheduled system maintenance. Student Email and Canvas will be available.


Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Do I have to repeat a class in which I received a D or F grade?

  • Do I need to buy my books before school starts?

  • Do you need to see a counselor to create a student educational plan?

  • Does GCC have a Veterans Resource center?

  • Does GCC offer high school diploma courses?

  • How can I contact athletic coaches and get more information about joining a sports team?

  • How can I meet with a counselor?

  • How can I register for noncredit class?

  • How do I activate my GCC email?

  • How do I drop a class?

  • How do I get started at GCC?

  • How do I register for the parent education program?

  • How do I set up my student email on my iPhone

  • How do you enroll on the waitlist for a class?

  • How long do I have to pay for classes before they are dropped?

  • How much is the parking permit for the whole semester?

  • How much is tuition at GCC?

  • I am an international student, who can I contact for more information?

  • I applied to Glendale and have not received my student ID yet, how long will it take for me to receive it?

  • I applied to Glendale Community College a few days ago but still have not received an email back, who should I contact?

  • I have a few questions pertaining to the Associate Degrees for Transfer?

  • I have just dropped classes & want to know what I need to do in order to get a refund. Will the refund automatically be sent to my credit card, the one used to pay for classes, or will check be sent?

  • I have questions about transferring to a university, who can help me?

  • I want to apply to GCC but the system says I already have an account...

  • I want to know at what time does the Admissions and Records office opens.

  • I want to know if the transcript was sent or not and how can I find out?

  • I want to transfer from another community college to GCC...

  • I’m not able to sign in to MyGCC account? Where can I go to reset my password?

  • If I am a returning student, do I need to resubmit a GCC application?

  • If I don’t turn in the paper work on the due date am I still able to turn them in on another date?

  • If we took the Act and the SAT tests, do we still have to take the assessment test?

  • What is the maximum number of units I can take?

  • When can I submit an application for the Winter and Spring semesters?

  • When will my enrollment date for the current semester be posted? Also when will the registration period begin for the current semester?

  • Where can I access open classes?

  • Where can I apply for financial aid?

  • Where can I find classes?

  • Where can I obtain an unofficial transcript?

  • Where can I purchase my parking permit?

  • Where can I sign up for the medical billing orientation?

  • Where do I access the application to apply to GCC?