GCC responds to the Coronavirus Outbreak. GCC has moved to remote online instruction.

Student Services FAQ

Academic Counseling

How do I schedule an Academic Counseling appointment?
I am a CalWORKs student. How can I get a computer to take classes from home?
I am a CalWORKs student. What if I cannot complete all the school or work hours required by my Welfare-to-Work Plan with GAIN?
I am a CalWORKs student and I need to have a GAIN form completed by your office. How can I do that?
Career Services & Student Employment
How do I schedule an appointment for Career Services?
How do I contact Student Employment?
What if I am a current student worker?
How will I get paid as a student worker? When are timesheets due? Will checks be mailed? What if I am an international student who needs help with my documents?
What about the 20th Annual Job Fair?
What if I am looking for an off-campus job?
How can GCC can help me find an off-campus job?
What specific resources is GCC sharing about finding a job?
International Students
Can I return to my home country and take classes from there? How does this affect my immigration status?
As an International Student, will I be excused from meeting full-time course load of 12 units if the classes I need are no longer being offered?
I am concerned about my current housing situation and making monthly payments. What should I do?
My family is facing financial problems as a result of COVD-19. What can I do?
I am traveling overseas and need a travel signature on my current Form I-20, what should I do now that campus services are operating remotely?
I am returning to my home country; how can I get a refund for the unused portion of my group health insurance?
I am interested in applying to GCC as a new International Student for the Fall 2020 semester. What should I do?
Can I withdraw from classes without getting a W?
Placement & Assessment
How can I continue my placement and assessment for enrollment?
What placement and assessment services are you offering?
Reentry Pathways Program
What is the Reentry Pathways Program?
What support does the Reentry Pathways Program offer students?
What additional resources are being offered to students in the Reentry Pathways Program?
How is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affecting scholarship selection?
How will I know if I received a scholarship?
How can I receive my scholarship check with the ongoing situation?
Is there any way I can know about the status of my application? If
Can I find out the amount of my award?
How can I contact the scholarship office with any further questions?
College Report Form
Honors & Awards Banquet
Is the Student Equity office open?
How can I make an appointment with a Student Equity counselor?
I have not completed my 30-minute counseling requirement. Am I still able to do that?
How can I contact a counselor if I have an urgent question?
Will the Student Equity Learning Communities be accepting new applicants for fall 2020?
Have the university tours been cancelled?
How will the coronavirus crisis affect this semester and my fall 2020 admission?
How can I schedule an appointment with a Transfer counselor?
What about information about transfer opportunities?
Where is transfer information posted?
What can I do in the meantime?
What can you confirm about CSUs and UCs and articulation agreements?
What if I want to need more transfer information?