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Spring and Summer

ENGR 49- Engineering Independent Study (Spring) 

ENGR 122- Engineering Graphics (Summer) 

ENGR 122 covers the principles of and visually communicating engineering designs and an introduction to computer-aided design (CAD). 

Note: This one class satisfies all Drafting requirements for most UC and CSU bound Mechanical/Aerospace and Civil Engineering Majors.

Prerequisite: Pre-Calculus (MATH 110)

UC and CSU Transferable.

ENGR 130 Introduction to Robotics (Spring)

ENGR 130 is an engineering technology course that combines mechanics, electronics and programming.  Students take this course to strengthen their understanding of microcontrollers as well as to improve electromechanical design skills. If your interested in robotics academy, this is the class for you!

No prerequisite.

CSU Transferable.

ENGR 152 Engineering Mechanics – Statics (Spring) 🗼

ENGR 152 is the most important course for mechanical and civil engineering majors as it is the first course in engineering problem solving.  Statics is the first in a critical path sequence of courses that includes Strength of Materials, Machine Design(for ME’s), Structures (for CE’s) and Senior Design I and II.  Taking Statics before transferring can shorten the path to completion of the BS degree. 

Prerequisite: PHYSICS 101 

UC and CSU Transferable

ENGR 156 Programming and Problem Solving in MATLAB (Spring)  💻🕶

ENGR 156 is the required programming course for civil and mechanical engineering majors. Electrical and computer engineering majors sometimes take this course in order to learn MATLAB for use in industry and a number of GCC students have gotten internships that use MATLAB.  The course teaches how to use MATLAB as an engineering calculation and simulation tool but also basic programming. 

Any exposure to Calculus can be used to meet the prerequisite for this class. 

UC and CSU Transferable.

ENGR 109 AutoCAD 1 (Spring)

ENGR 109 is an introductory Engineering Technology class about drafting and design in AutoCAD. AutoCAD is a very useful skill for Mechanical and Civil Engineering students.

 Prerequisite: ENGR 101

CSU Transferable.

ENGR 100 - Introduction to Engineering 3 sections (Spring)

ENGR 101 - Engineering Drafting and Basic Design (Spring)

ENGR 102 - Print Reading for Industry (Spring)

ENGR 110 - Computer Aided Design AutoCAD 2 (Spring)



ENGR 111 is an introductory Engineering Technology class about 3D modeling and design in SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS and 3D modeling skills are very important for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering jobs.

 Prerequisite: ENGR 101

CSU Transferable.

ENGR 230 Dynamics (Summer)

ENGR 230 is a required course for mechanical and civil engineering majors. Students may advance more quickly through Engineering Programs having completed this course before transferring.

Prerequisite: ENGR 152 

CSU and UC transferable

ENGR 240 - Electrical Engineering Fundamentals (Spring)

This is a circuits theory class that is required for all Engineering Bachelor's. It is important to take especially for Electrical Engineering majors, since it will be a prerequisite for most Electrical Engineering Major classes. Includes lab with hands on experiments.

Prerequisite: Physics 102 Electromagnetism

Corequisite: Math 108

CSU and UC transferable


Additional Course Descriptions

ENGR 120 3D Printing and Modeling 

ENGR 120 is an Engineering Technology class in Engineering Design and Additive Manufacturing. This is a summer bridge class open to high school students as well as GCC students.  The course teaches about the Engineering Design Process - creating drawings, 3D models and 3D printing them out to assemble with working electronic hardware.  Students will design and build their own custom headphones.

No prerequisite.

CSU Transferable.

ENGR 125 - Programming Methodologies for Engineers

ENGR 125 is the introductory programming class for Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering students. The course will include hands-on projects with micro-controllers, micro-processors, sensors and robots with the goal of understanding the physical effects of programming. Programming languages include Python, Arduino IDE, and others.

Can substitute for MATLAB for Mechanical and Civil Engineering majors.

Prerequisite: MATH103

CSU and UC transferable

ENGR 132 Introduction to Digital Electronics

ENGR 132 is a required course for electrical engineering majors.  EE majors should take this course in preparation for ENGR 240 Electrical Engineering Fundamentals; although it is not a prerequisite.  Mechanical and computer engineering students may also want to take this course to enhance their understanding of electrical circuits concepts.

No prerequisite.

UC and CSU transferable

ENGR 140 Materials Science and Engineering (Fall) 🔍

ENGR 140 is an important course for mechanical and civil engineering majors and has become increasingly important for product design.  The atomic and chemical structure of materials as well as the way that materials are manufactured determine important mechanical properties.

CHEM 101 is the important prerequisite.

UC and CSU Transferable

TED 140 Technical Documentation and Communication

TED 140 is a required course for a number of Career Education certificates.  Engineering students find this class useful as it teaches how to write effectively in the engineering and technical workplace.  Students learn how to write plainly, directly and professionally through short practical writing exercises.

Prerequisite: None

CSU Transferable


ENGR 241 - Strength of Materials (Fall)


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