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Scholars Program

scholars logoThe Glendale Community College Scholars Program is the College’s honors program. Scholars is actually three programs in one: an academic program with 15 units of Honors general-education and pre-major courses that students plan with the Scholars counselors; an active community-service organization; and a vibrant social club. Good standing in the program is maintained through high academic performance and dedicated, active participation in Scholars meetings and events each semester. Scholars demands significant time and effort, offering benefits as well-rounded students upon program completion and transfer. 

So Scholars is much more than a set of Honors courses, nor is it merely a pipeline for transfer or a program through which to hurry; thus, all Scholars students must commit to all of the program’s values, goals, and practices, as outlined in the Scholars Constitution. Admission to the program is evaluated by gauging the likelihood that a student will in fact be thus committed. Once in the program, in their academic, service, and social contexts, all Scholars students are expected to be highly dedicated to the program, and in fact shape its success, in several ways, for good standing, which is evaluated twice each semester by the Program Director, and eventual Certification of Scholars Program Completion: 

  • by maintaining at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA; 
  • by taking at least 1 Honors course each semester; 
  • by actively and significantly participating in one of 5 Scholars committees that meet weekly (Community Service, Social Events, Fundraising, Outreach, and Arts & Culture) to plan events, discuss issues, and address topics of interest to the program;
  • by attentively participating in General Assemblies each month;
  • by actively and significantly participating in a designated number of Scholars Program events that are planned each semester on and off campus;
  • by meeting with a Scholars counselor at least once per semester and keeping the Student Education Plan updated;
  •  by regularly communicating with Cabinet members and the Program Director;
  • and by being exemplary GCC students, in terms of academics, respect, etiquette, helpfulness, and welcome for all involved, recognizing that they represent not only the Scholars Program, but also GCC as a whole at all times.

As a result of this deep involvement within this multi-faceted program, Scholars learn to function efficiently as part of an organization by being contributors themselves to its growth and well-being. The Scholars Cabinet plans meetings and events throughout the academic year, and these student leaders learn to guide the program through delegating responsibilities among all Scholars, planning ahead, responding to problems and setbacks, and setting a conducive tone for all, working in close consultation with the Program Director, who assumes final responsibility for all aspects of the program. In short, the program seeks to build students’ character and focus on the greater good, which may well help them become valued professionals, leaders, and citizens in their subsequent careers and lives. Along the way, Scholars develop bonds with fellow students, gain experiences in presenting and sharing ideas in meetings and at research conferences, and continually learn values and skills of compassion, communication, cooperation, and collaboration with others, rather than solely pursuing individual goals. Active Scholars in good standing benefit from priority registration, specialized counseling, and smaller class sizes. 

Students who successfully complete the Scholars Program benefit from enhanced (not guaranteed) admissions consideration for applications to the UCLA College of Letters and Science, through the UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (TAP). TAP certification, and final Certification of Program Completion, are contingent on good academic and participation standing to the point of transfer. GCC is also a member of the Honors Transfer Council of California, which has Honors transfer agreements with several colleges and universities nationwide.

For more information about The Scholars Program, visit our website at The Scholars Program Director, Dr. Michael Harnett, and the Scholars Administrative Assistant, Ms. Isman Salas, may be reached at