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Campus Security Authorities (CSA's)

Next In-Person Campus Security Authority training: Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 12:30 p.m. Verdugo Campus Main Auditorium


Watch the Campus Security Authority Training Video here (requires GCC username and password)


Campus Security Authority Report Form


Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking Policy, Information and Rights Brochure (to provide to survivors who report these crimes)


The U.S. Department of Education defines a “Campus Security Authority” as: “An official of an institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities”. Campus Security Authorities are considered to be those employees who work closely with students in a official capacity outside of the classroom environment.

A Campus Security Authority’s primary responsibility is to report crimes made in good faith to the reporting structure established by the institution. For this reason, the federal law known as the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act or "Clery Act" requires institutions to collect crime reports from a variety of individuals and organizations on campus considered to be "Campus Security Authorities".

Some examples of Campus Security Authorities are;

  • College Police and/or security staff 
  • Officials designated by college policy to receive crime reports
  • Athletic Coaches and training staff
  • Faculty/Staff advisors to official student club organizations
  • Employees of a Student Center
  • Deans and Administrators
  • Title IX Coordinators
  • Administrators at satellite campus locations
  • Employees involved in student discipline/judicial proceedings

Examples of who are NOT considered to be Campus Security Authorities

  • Professional and pastoral counselors working within the scope of their employment and license are NOT considered Campus Security Authorities and are therefore not required to report crimes they learn of to the reporting structure of the college. However, they may encourage their clients to report these crimes.
  • Cafeteria, custodial, clerical and faculty instructors who do not have any official responsibility for student and campus activities outside of the classroom environment are generally not considered to be Campus Security Authorities. However, it is encouraged to report any crimes or suspicious circumstances that you learn of just in case. This may allow victims to receive valuable resources, services and information and/or to alert the campus community of any possible and/or ongoing threat to their safety.   

Administrative Regulation 3515 Reporting of Crime