Learning Outcomes

SLO Mission Statement

The following is the Mission Statement of the Learning Outcomes Committee:

  • to encourage and support faculty-generated student learning research for the purposes of improved communication between faculty/staff and administrators/trustees who make institutional planning and budgeting decisions;
  • to identify assessment practices on campus and encourage collaboration amongst faculty and staff in effort to institutionalize best practices that impact our body of students;
  • to identify a GCC philosophy regarding roles and responsibilities that guide a safe and healthy sustainable culture of inquiry. 

Learning Outcome Approach to Education

The learning outcomes approach reflects a conceptual shift towards making learning more meaningful and effective. Making education more meaningful for students requires that they acquire a sense of the educational project as enabling them to lead a richer and more empowered life rather than a task done to satisfy the demands of others.

By explicitly building educational experiences based on what students should be able to do with their knowledge, the learning outcomes approach helps the educational community understand what the student is leaning.

Some of the benefits of using student learning outcomes are as follows:

  • increased student awareness of and involvement in their own learning;
  • common language and framework for discussions about learning within departments;
  • context for course design and revision;
  • approach to curriculum assessment and change;
  • important first step toward clear communication of expectations to students;
  • requirement of accrediting agencies.

Below are quick links regarding status of assessments by division and program:

For information concerning Learning Outcomes at Glendale College please contact Michael Ritterbrown, VP of Instruction.