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How to be a Glendale Community College Student

Who Must file an Application
  • If you have never attended Glendale Community College.
  • If you are a returning student who has not applied or enrolled during the spring 2019.
  • Continuing students do not have to apply for admission if they attended spring 2019.
  • Former Jump Start Students (Attending GCC and enrolled as a High School Student at the same time) who have GRADUATED must reapply to GCC and self-report that they have graduated. 
Who May be Admitted
The following persons are welcome to attend Glendale Community College:
  • High School Graduates
  • Persons with California High School Proficiency Certificates.
  • Persons with General Education Development Certificates (G.E.D).
  • Persons eighteen years of age or older who can benefit from the instruction offered.
High School Students (Jump Start)

High School students (Jump Start) are welcome to apply. They are required to complete and submit the following items:

  • An Online Application for Admissions -AND-
  • A completed Recommendation for Admission of Selected Student Form (pdf) -AND-
  • A completed Authorization and Consent for Treatment of a Minor Form (.doc/.pdf)
  • High School transcript including all coursework completed to date. Student must be making satisfactory progress towards a high school diploma.
How to Apply for Admission
Submit an ONLINE Application through OpenCCCApply.
Application Process

Before applying, please have the following items available:

  • Social Security Number
  • USCIS information (if born outside US)
    • Residency will be determined according to your answers to certain questions, please answer all questions to the best of your ability. If necessary, the Admissions and Records office will ask you to provide evidence of your USCIS documentation and/or your physical presence in California.
      For more information on Residency click here, Residency Requirements         

** Residency must be cleared PRIOR TO THE START OF THE TERM. ** 

  • Answer all questions completely.
  • Verify all information you have entered.
  • Click on the Begin Application for Glendale Community College.
  • Create a NEW User Account if you are applying online for the first time or Log in as a Returning User if you have previously applied online.
  • Complete and submit application be sure to click the Finish link.
  • Check your personal e-mail account for an email from OpenCCCApply.

Within 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) you will receive a Welcome to GCC email that will include your GCC ID number and additional steps that include registration instructions.

Log in to to view your "To Do List". All items pertaining to your Admissions process will need to be completed PRIOR TO THE START OF THE TERM.

All official notification from the college will be sent to your college issued email address.