Network & Systems Services

The College’s high-speed network provides users with wired connectivity in academic and office buildings. ITS provides and maintains Internet connectivity, the campus fiber optic backbone, wiring closets, Ethernet switches, firewalls and network security devices as well as data jacks and building interior wiring.

To request the installation of data jacks or to connect desktop computers, printers, or other network devices to the campus Network, or to report network trouble, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

“GCC Wireless” is the name of the campus open wireless network. Student, faculty, and staff can connect without entering a GCC username and password. Users connecting to the wireless network are required to acknowledge the College’s terms of use. Users connecting to the wireless network should be aware that campus wireless network is an open network. Traffic that passes through it is not encrypted, and users should expect no privacy on this network. Your access to and use of the wireless network is at your sole risk. The wireless network offers open access to all users in most areas on both the main and Garfield campuses. It is not necessary to register guests to use the wireless network.

While there are no general restrictions or system requirements for using the wireless network, not all computer systems or devices will work with the wireless network. ITS does not install or support the installation or configuration of wireless cards. Any wireless device that uses the IEEE 802.11a,b,g,n,ac standard should work with the campus wireless network, however, because of the variety of wireless adapters and operating systems, ITS support is limited.

ITS provides basic telephone services include dial tone, telephone sets, voicemail, 4-digit (extension) dialing, local and long-distance calling within the U.S., and emergency 911 calling. Additionally, ITS troubleshoots and repairs problems with telephone instruments, data and phone jacks, and campus building interior data and telephone wiring. Trouble reporting and requests for a telephone and/or voice mailbox to be installed, moved, changed or disconnected should be submitted to the Help Desk.

Network and Systems Services staff:

Lauren B. Lampietti
Interim Director, Network, Systems, and Security Operations

Stanley Jung
Network Administrator

Johnny Ng
Systems Administrator