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Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs are primarily business and technical programs for students desiring education beyond high school. These programs provide opportunities for students to prepare themselves for a wide variety of careers. In most cases these programs are planned without regard to transfer schools; however, many courses are transferable to four-year colleges or universities if students change their educational goals.

Certificates of Achievement shall be issued upon request by the Office of Admissions and Records to students who qualify for them by completing one of the occupation-centered curricula. The student must have a grade of "C" or better in all courses constituting the certificate program. 

To earn a certificate, students must complete the number of units required by the division. No certificate shall consist of less than 12 semester units. 

At least 12 units of the required courses must be completed at Glendale Community College; therefore to earn a certificate that requires 12 units, all the courses must be completed at GCC. No certificate shall consist of less than 12 semester units. 

Students pursuing certificate programs of less than 16 units are not eligible for financial aid.

(ND) - Non-degree certificate

This certificate does not satisfy the major requirements for the Associate in Science degree.
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