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Certificate Programs and Gainful Employment

Certificate Programs are primarily business and technical programs for students desiring education beyond high school. These programs provide opportunities for students to prepare themselves for a wide variety of careers. In most cases these programs are planned without regard to transfer schools; however, many courses are transferable to four-year colleges or universities if students change their educational goals.

Certificates of Achievement shall be issued upon request by the Office of Admissions and Records to students who qualify for them by completing one of the occupation-centered curricula. The student must have a grade of "C" or better in all courses constituting the certificate program. 

To earn a certificate, students must complete the number of units required by the division. No certificate shall consist of less than 12 semester units. 

At least 12 units of the required courses must be completed at Glendale Community College; therefore to earn a certificate that requires 12 units, all the courses must be completed at GCC. No certificate shall consist of less than 12 semester units. 

Students pursuing certificate programs of less than 16 units are not eligible for financial aid.

Certificates Gainful Employment
 Accounting Accounting
 Addiction Studies Counseling
Addiction Studies Counseling
 Administration of Justice
Administration of Justice
 Architectural Drafting and Design
Architecture Drafting and Design
 Art Art 2D  Art 3D

 Aviation and Transportation


 Bookkeeping Bookkeeping

 Business Administration


Business Information Worker (BIW) (ND)
California State University General Education (CSU Breadth) (ND) (pdf)

 Ceramics Ceramics

 Child Development


 Choreographic Studies and Dance Technique
Choreographic Studies & Dance Techniques
 Cinematography and Editing (ND)
Cinematography and Editing

Computer Applications and Business Office Technologies


 Computer Information Systems (ND)
Computer Info Systems
 Computer Programmer (ND)
Computer Programmer
 Computer Science
Computer Science
 Computer Software Technician
Computer Software Technician
 Computer Support Technician (ND)
Computer Support Technician
 Computerized Accounting Specialist (ND)
Computerized Accounting Specialist
 Creative Writing (ND)
 Dance Teaching
Dance Teaching
 Dental Front Office/Billing & Coding (ND)
Dental Front Office

 Dietetic Services Supervisor

Dietetics Services Supervisor

 Digital Character Design


 Digital Content Specialist (ND)
Electronics & Computer Technology - Electronics Technology Technician

Electronics & Computer Technology - Electronics Engineering Technician

 Engineering Technology - CAD & Design

Engineering Electro/Mechanical Design


 Fire Technology

Fire Technology

 Fitness Specialist (ND)
Fitness Specialist

 Foreign Language

 Graphic Design (ND)
Graphic Design
 Health Information Technology
 Human Resources Assistant (ND)
Human Resources Assistant
 Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) (ND)

 Insurance Professional (ND)
Insurance Professional
 Insurance Specialist: Property & Casualty
Insurance Specialist: Property & Casualty

 IT Technician



 Management Management
 Marketing Marketing
 Mass Communications
Mass Communications

 Medical Office


 Music Music

 Registered Nursing

Restaurant Management

Restaurant Management

 Photography Photography
 Real Estate Appraisal
Real Estate Appraisal
 Real Estate Broker
Real Estate
 Receptionist/Office Clerk (ND)
Receptionist Office Clerk
 Tax Preparer (ND)
Tax Preparer
 Technical Theatre (ND)
Technical Theatre
 Unix/Linux System Administrator (ND)
Unix System Administrator
 Web Development
Web Development
 Welding Welding

Note: (ND) - Non-degree certificate: This certificate does not satisfy the major requirements for the Associate in Science degree.

August 2018 GCC Catalog 2018-2019
Important Notice: In the event of a discrepancy between the information presented above and the online and/or print versions of the GCC Catalog, please contact a counselor or the office of Admissions and Records. For previous years requirements please see the catalog from that year.